Incubating Innovation

An Engineering Approach to Building Businesses

Inefficiency = Opportunity

We identify opportunities where humans spend a lot of time
  • Connected Data
  • Producing/assembling content
  • Distributing the results
Our key components can be assembled rapidly to build a solution
  • LiveConnect - Collect or Gather information, data and content
  • LiveObject - Store and Manage structured and unstructured data
  • LiveAsset - Turn Data and Content into usable Assets
  • LiveServer - Deliver and Distribute this content online, email and through devices
Every Industry that relies on the gathering and management of information is a natural fit.

Over 700 Brands, cataloging
30+ million on-brand Posts and Ads

Like Canva, but for Brands, Franchisees, Retail Groups and Stores that sell Branded products. LiveRetail is the largest online resource for Brands, Branded Assets and Branded Posts and Ads.
LiveTechnology LiveRetail Image
LiveTechnology - LivePlatform Mosaic

An Enterprise Platform used by some of the largest Brands

LivePlatform provides Brands with the ability to gather and collect data from their networking of entities and produce and distribute information, branded collateral and automate marketing processes. This ensures all outbound communications, marketing and advertising are on-brand and legally compliant. And it gives the Brand the insights and ability to move at the speed of digital.

Included in the platform is:
Asset Library, Personalized Asset Libraries for entities, Logo and Signage Builder, Content Management, Marketing Materials Builder, Campaign Management and Execution, Brand Resource Management, Distributed Data Collection and Workflow Management.

Connecting your physical world with your digital life

LiveStuff helps us manage the important stuff in our Lives, including:

The Stuff we Love - Family, Pets and Plants
The Stuff we Own - Our House, Vehicles and Equipment
Our Favorite Stuff - Music, Movies, Food and more
Organizing Stuff - Todo Lists, Projects and Shopping

And much, much, much more...

Connecting the World s Content to help Manage the Important Stuff in Your Life
LiveTechnology - LiveStuff Image

Tech Stack

LiveTechnology has invested over $40 million in building the technology stack. Using the technology stack, a team of no more than 5 business people can assemble a scalable, multi-tenant solutions that are more functional than other leading solutions.

Solutions that have been created include: Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Content Management (ECMS), Web Content Management (WCMS), Project Collaboration, Workflow Applications, Inventory Management, Compliance and Approval Systems.

LiveObject - An Object-Oriented database that allows a non-technical person to setup and manage simple or complex taxonomies. It's a hierarchical database of Clouds and Items

LiveServer - An Object Based programming language (LSML), with a full VM compiler makes the server footprint highly scalable: eBay is able to customize 1.3 billion data-driven recipient emails, each completely unique, on 7 midrange servers.

LiveDrive - A Drobox-type local drive with encapsulated workflow and enterprise functionality added into files. This reduces the complexity of enterprise rollouts and removes the traditional barrier to entry of enterprise portals turn a DAM into a local folder, add audit trails to local files, encapsulate workflow process into the resulting files.

LiveConnect - A data/content bridge that connects any Web Source (API or WebCrawler) and import/export process (uploads and file pulls) to LiveObject/LiveServer. This creates a single view of data from multiple diverse sources. A large retailer uses this to connect Oracle SKU data, Retek Inventory Management, IBM POS content and a web interface for 700+ vendors to manage and upload rich content on their products.

LiveAssets - Equivalent to every Adobe Desktop tool, as a server, data-driven, to render enterprise content into digital assets of every file type and channel (all 47 media types). No company is even close to this, and all 9 Marketing Cloud providers are missing it. LiveAssets are:

  • Data Driven - Connects Content and Reusable Components
  • Self Generating - Renders from Content; Brand and Legally Compliant
  • Resizable - Componentized to fit in the available space
  • Situationally Aware - Transforms for Medium; Size to fit Space; Target Recipient or Audience

Past Successes

Our Management has a proven track record of creating wealth by building SaaS platforms for Acquisition.

LiveTechnology Past Successes

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